IT’S A WRAP! bubble wraps UK street


Somerville Road becomes Accident Avenue

Snow, ice, wind and rain make for a dangerous time out there on the roads at the moment! To highlight the rise in motor insurance claims during the recent bad weather, has covered an entire street in Worcester in bubble wrap. The price comparison website identified Somerville Road in Worcester as having one of the highest numbers of car insurance claims in the UK in the last five years.

 Everything from the trees, pavements, vehicles, lampposts, even to the garden gnomes have been covered, to create the ultimate safety blanket for motorists. Some insurance providers have seen a 41% increase in claims following recent weather conditions, so to highlight the extra care needed on the roads, the popular price comparison website have cushioned the blow for the residents in Somerville Road by bubble wrapping the hazardous contents of the street.

 Will Thomas,’s Head of Motor Insurance explains: “We work with dozens of insurance providers, and we’ve picked up on the fact that claims activity has shot up recently due to the bad weather. I’ve spoken to some who have seen as much as a 41% increase in claims compared with a normal non-snowy period. In fact, one saw 1300 registered on the heaviest snow day of January 13th – double that of the same day last year. We thought we’d highlight the need to take care out there and make sure you’re fully covered on the roads with the best motor policy in our own, fun way. The residents have been really supportive of the stunt – it would have been great fun to do this for every street in the UK, but sadly we ran out of bubble wrap!”

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