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PR Professional in TrainingAs we prepare for a new academic year, here’s how to make the most of Behind the Spin, whether you’re a student, a graduate, a lecturer or an employer.

We’re a magazine for UK-based public relations students, supported by the PRCA and with strong links to the CIPR.

PR students

  1. Write us an article. It could be about your course, about your work experience, a review of a book you’ve read. It could be an interview with a practitioner or your thoughts on social media. As long as it relates to public relations, we’ll be interested.
  2. Join our #prstudent community. We’re looking to appoint PR coordinators from universities with PR degree courses. Your role will be to encourage your fellow students to participate – and to help us unearth new talent. We’ll list you on our About page and it looks good on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. #bestPRblogs. If you have a blog (whether it’s for fun or for assessment as a university assignment) we’re keen to know about it. Once again, we’ll be selecting the best blog posts by UK-based PR students each week and then picking an overall winner at the end of the academic year. For inspiration, here’s last year’s winning blog from Arianne Williams. We’re also keen to discover strong visual communicators among PR students (through your public Instagram feeds).
  4. #blogtakeoverweek. We encourage groups of students to takeover this site for a week. You should supply a minimum of one article a day for a week (Mon-Fri) and we can assess who generated the most traffic and engagement.

PR lecturers / course leaders

  1. Encourage your students to participate, as outlined above.
  2. Send us news about your course, your guest lectures, your students and your graduates.
  3. Become a guest editor. Pick a topic you’re interested in and commission a series of articles on this topic for publication in a special issue. Last academic year, Paula Keaveney of Edge Hill University guest edited a special issue on charity PR.
  4. Your students are welcome to takeover this site for a week (see above). I will publish the articles: you just have to supply suitable copy and images.

PR graduates

  1. Give us your advice. You’ve been through university and emerged at the other end. What advice can you offer to today’s students? Will you share your tips, as Emma Jones has done?
  2. Alert us to vacancies. It’s a paradox: some graduates struggle to find suitable work while most employers struggle to find good recruits. We don’t charge to promote job vacancies and paid internship on the website and via social media.

PR practitioners and employers

  1. Tell us your opinion. Here are the skills Sophie Chadwick argues are needed to succeed in the digital landscape.
  2. Alert us to vacancies and paid internship opportunities. We publish and share these on social media for free.

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September 2016


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