Guest Editor: PR for Good Causes

Ben Matthews, founder of Bright One, is guest editor for this month’s PR for Good Causes feature at Behind The Spin. In this post Ben introduces the special feature.

Recognition of the importance of PR in a charities’ every day activity is becoming increasingly stronger. The use of celebrities is ever popular in drawing media attention to a charities’ cause. Social media has played an important part, opening up new opportunities for driving donations and awareness from a disparate group of supporters, driven mainly by PR teams but also increasingly hand in hand with fundraising teams. There’s been a recent rise in the number of media, especially online, dedicated to reporting on charities and related issues. And more and more students, graduates and working professionals are looking to the third sector as a career choice, perhaps looking for a role with more substance rather than following the traditional routes of high finance and management consultancy.

At Bright One, the volunteer-run communications agency for the third sector, we’re heavily involved in the front line of many charities’ PR campaigns – often being the sole team behind an organisation’s complete PR activities. So when Richard Bailey, editor of Behind The Spin, first approached Bright One to guest edit a series of articles on Charity PR, we were delighted to be given this opportunity.

As a group of volunteers who see the power that PR can bring to charity’s campaigns and initiatives, we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and teaching the next generation of PR professionals on how they can manage a charities communications activities. What better way to do this than for our volunteers and wider Bright One community to contribute towards a series aimed at students interested in the world of charity PR.

While we are writing for a PR student audience, we’ve tried to keep charities and the work they do at the core of the series’ theme. The main uses of PR that most charities see is to raise awareness of and raise funds for their organisation. But PR can do much more than this. It can be used to build a network of passionate and dedicated supporters, communicate with internal stakeholders to increase organisational efficiency, demonstrate an organisation’s social impact and CSR initiatives, and much more.

We’ll be covering these issues and more throughout this series of articles, but if you do have any ideas of comments on what articles we should be featuring – or even if you want to contribute an article yourself – then please leave a comment below or get in touch with Behind The Spin directly.

We hope you enjoy the series and most importantly find some useful tips, tricks and tactics for improving how you implement PR campaigns for the organisations you work with.


Ben is the founder of Bright One. Visit there website to find out more and follow Ben on Twitter to say hello.


  1. This morning I’ve heard PR discussed in connection with new product placement rules on TV, and in connection with attempts to improve the standing of some Middle Eastern regimes.

    We just can’t seem to shake off the twin stereotypes: that PR is inoffensive, but fluffy; and that it’s devious and manipulative.

    I welcome Ben’s special issue because it gives us a chance to discuss uses of public relations for the public good. The timing couldn’t be better.


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