Get involved in Behind the Spin

There are several ways you can contribute to our online magazine for UK PR students.

  • You can write an article (best to check your idea first with the editor or section editor)
  • You can contribute to articles we’re working on (right now, I’m seeking contributions to ‘why study PR?’)
  • You can contribute news (we cover news about or of interest to PR students)
  • You can suggest ideas or themes that we should cover (our forward features list is a work in progress)
  • You can volunteer for the editorial team (preferably once you’ve become a contributor)
  • You can join our #socialstudent ranking of the best connected PR students
  • You can encourage others to write for us or to join #socialstudent
I’m more interested in hearing from PR students than from people offering to write for commercial SEO purposes (so please tell me your university and year when you contact me).

Richard Bailey

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