From Me to You internship opportunity

From Me to You is a campaign encouraging people to write letters to friends with cancer.

It was set up by Alison Hitchcock and Brian Greenley after Alison wrote over a hundred letters to Brian when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.

Social isolation is an increasing problem for cancer patients, leading to depression for over 30% of those affected.

Receiving letters from friends and family helps to reduce this sense of isolation – keeping people connected at a time when they feel most disconnected.

From Me to You runs letter writing workshops, speaks at events and the website hosts tips on writing as well as inspiring stories from letter recipients and senders.

From Me to You is building an ongoing programme of regular communications with target audiences, through a combination of traditional and digital media relationships and coverage.

The From Me to You public relations intern will:

  • Raise its profile
  • Demonstrate the benefits of letter writing, to both receiver and sender.
  • Position the ethos and strategy as a valuable tool for cancer patients.

An intern will work alongside Alison & Brian (and liaise with their Sussex-only PR agency Digital Cobb) to reach their target audiences.

Efforts are focused on four main areas:

  • Women’s Press eg Women’s Weekly, Hello
  • Local Press (including radio and TV)
  • National media (including radio and TV)
  • Health-conscious consumers

The role covers both PR and journalistic skills, requiring liaison with commissioning editors and press agencies with a view to maximising  publicity as well as building up relationships with key bloggers to sell the From Me to You story and articles focused around the wellbeing  and mental health benefits of letter writing.

The role requires the intern to be very proactive and  to sell the story into feature editors. Alongside this would be a requirement to research the issue of social isolation and the impact of letter writing and produce articles and thought-leadership pieces in these areas.

The duration of the role will be agreed between parties as there is plenty of flexibility. The role can be worked out of any convenient location and while From Me to You is based in the south, there is no need for the intern to work from there unless they want to or it is convenient.

The intern will benefit from the opportunity to work on a range of tasks and gain experience in the not-for-profit sector. Using own initiative and contributing ideas to the team will be welcomed. The team has a proven track record with both local and national media coverage, and we would look for the intern to capitalise on this.

W: | T: @frommetoyou01 | F: FromMeToYouLetters

To discuss the role contact Alison Hitchcock –  or 07811 449763

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