Freshers’ week takes energy

Alcohol consumption, a change of diet, busy schedules and meeting new people are all factors that can cause fresher’s flu, which can lay new students low for at least a week. Symptoms include lack of energy, tiredness, fever, sore throat, headaches and general discomfort.

FocusA new energy drink called Focus can provide the energy, vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids needed to survive freshers’ week and help avoid fresher’s flu. The energy boost from a single ‘shot’ lasts for up to five hours.

Other tips on surviving fresher’s week include:

  • Attend the Freshers’ Fair – it’s a great chance to join clubs, meet fellow students, and get freebies and NUS discounts
  • Facebook Friends! Find your flat mates, join the Uni facebook group and create events – it’s a great way of making friends, sharing photos and finding out more about the Uni and the surrounding area
  • Budget! Don’t spend all the student loan buying bar rounds in freshers’ week – The loan needs to last until next term. Set a weekly budget and try to stick to it. Things to include in your budget – any bills, shopping, printing costs and of course, socialising.

FOCUS Energy Shots are available to buy from Holland and Barratt, Budgens, Londis, and online from Nutricentre ( and Tree of Life (

PR support for Focus is provided by Nobull Communications.

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