Fast track membership for graduates

Graduates of Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) recognised degree courses are eligible to become full members more quickly as the Institute continues to modernise and support the next generation of public relations professionals.

Under the new structure, approved by the CIPR Council:

  • Graduates of four-year CIPR approved degrees with a one year work placement will be eligible for MCIPR status in their first professional PR role
  • Graduates of three-year CIPR approved degrees or master’s degrees will be eligible for MCIPR status after one year in a professional PR role

Commenting, Alison Steel, CIPR Professional Development Director said:

‘Public relations students are making a commitment to their future careers by choosing a CIPR approved degree and we want to recognise this. We want to encourage graduates to make the most of the CIPR by embracing the professional development resources we offer and our code of conduct. This will make them more employable, help them to stand out among public relations graduates as early stage professionals and ensure that the profession has a bright future.’

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