End of season #socialstudent

Daniel Fanshawe is this year’s #socialstudent winner, followed by Joanna Ayre and Nikki Hegarty.

But special praise goes to Charlotte Farringdon and Kenny Murray, who have competed for leadership through 20 weeks and who end tied on symmetrical scores.

Ellis Donaldson and Dev Mistry also ended strongly with scores of 60 or above.

Socialstudent 28 March 2013 table 1

Eight educational institutions are represented in the top twenty from England and Scotland – but no postgraduate PR students made our table this year.

Our second table shows an additional 16 students who achieved high scores of 50 or above but who did not make the top 20.

Socialstudent 28 March 2013 table 2

We introduced and explained #socialstudent in week one and updated the rankings in week twoweek threeweek fourweek fiveweek sixweek sevenweek eightweek nineweek 10week 11week 12week 13week 14week 15week 16week 17week 18 and week 19.

Though we have stopped publishing our weekly rankings, the base data will continue to evolve in our Klout list (you must be logged into Klout to see this) and PeerIndex list. We hope this has been a fun competition – but final year students in particular should have more important things to worry about in the coming weeks.


  1. […] Socialstudent: The competition ran for 20 weeks, and for most of these it was a close contest between Charlotte Farringdon and Kenny Murray. In the event, Daniel Fanshawe emerged as the winner in the final weeks. […]

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