Education is key for future of PR and comms

A new paper by two Bournemouth academics argues the importance of education and training to the future of corporate communications.

Professor Tom Watson

The Senior Communicator of the Future Working Paper published by the US-based Institute for Public Relations was written by Professor Tom Watson and Dr Chindu Sreedharan of the Bournemouth University Media School.

Professor Tom Watson believes that university education in public relations and corporate communications is running ahead of current practice. He says that the future corporate communicators and senior PR practitioners will all enter with a first degree and continue their studies with masters and doctoral studies as ‘life-long learners’.

“World-wide, the business of PR and corporate communications has become graduate entry and, increasingly, there is an emphasis on postgraduate education in communication strategy and management skills.”

The Working Paper found that education and training in management and familiarity with the width of organisation’s operations will be essential in order for corporate communicators to an effective impact.

“The key investment subjects for senior communicators are business strategy, financial literacy, economics, public affairs and public diplomacy, and relationship management.”

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