CIPR launches diversity working group

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has today announced the formation of a new working group designed to address the major diversity challenges facing the PR profession.

Led by Cornelius Alexander, a Fellow of the institute, the group will identify existing evidence of diversity, raise awareness of the value of a diverse profession and work alongside other key bodies to drive this work forward.

The group will also make recommendations and feed into the resources developed by the institute, such as advisory guidelines for employers and how to communicate with a multicultural audience.

Cornelius Alexander, Chair of the Diversity Working Group, said:

“Improving diversity within PR is an important issue for our profession.  We can no longer continue to recruit practitioners solely from a small sector of our society and believe that we are able to understand or appreciate the cultural differences that hamper truly inclusive communication. A number of communities within our society are unaware of many public services because traditional means of raising awareness bypass them.  A more diverse profession should change this.”

CIPR President Elect Paul Mylrea commented: “Tackling diversity is not optional, it lies at the heart of building a PR profession that is open to all and represents the society it serves. Our latest State of the Profession Report shows there is much more to do and we will be working with the whole of the PR industry to achieve real progress.”

The working group consists of: Cornelius Alexander, Helen Ashley,  Jon Bennett (deputising for Ashnoor Pardhan), Colin Douglas, Joy Francis, Chris Genasi, Emma Hamilton, Siobhan Kenny, Alex Louis, Marcia McKnight, Paul Mylrea, Richard Rose and Stephen Webb.

You can read more about the CIPR’s diversity strategy and join the CIPR Diversity Group’s Facebook group.

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