CIPR creates forum for tomorrow’s leaders

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) today announced the creation of a Future Leaders Forum, drawing together some of the UK’s most inspiring and talented young PR practitioners (aged 30 years or under), representing all UK regions and nations.

The Forum will input to the Institute’s policy and professional development activities, have access to mentors through regional CIPR networks, connect with local PR students and reach out to other young PR practitioners regionally and nationally to offer support and share ideas. It will also link into the CIPR’s Diversity Working Group to address issues of diversity facing the PR profession.

The Forum will be led by Tracy Playle, Director of Pickle Jar Communications and Chair of the CIPR Education and Skills sector group:

This Forum is close to my heart – I’m excited to be leading such an important initiative. We work well with early stage practitioners and students, but we are keen to ensure tomorrow’s leaders have a voice and a mechanism to influence PR policy and other issues that impact the future of our profession.

2009 finalists in the Outstanding Young Communicator category in the regional CIPR PRide awards and in the national CIPR 2010 Excellence Awards have been invited to join the Forum. These individuals have already demonstrated a commitment to excellence and best practice. Rebecca Douglas, an Associate Director at MCG PR, and winner of the Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Young Communicator Award, is a member of the new Forum:

When I heard about the CIPR’s Future Leaders Forum, I was extremely keen to be involved. I feel privileged to work in such a dynamic and changing profession, but sometimes the views and great ideas of young people can be overlooked. That’s why I’m excited about joining this Forum to ensure young communications professionals are given a voice and the opportunity to engage with the profession. It will help them make their mark.

CIPR President Jay O’Connor, herself a former CIPR Young Communicator of the Year, says:

The future success of the PR profession lies in the hands of young practitioners. We celebrate outstanding young practitioners every year at our national and regional awards but it is also about long-term engagement and reaching out to those yet to be in the spotlight. As tomorrow’s leaders, they should be empowered to influence the agenda, to input, share ideas and to build an engaged, collaborative community of PR professionals. This forum provides a platform.

The group will meet for the first time to set their agenda at the end of this month.

Members of the Future Leaders Forum

Rebecca Douglas MCIPR, MCG PR (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)

Tim Borrett MCIPR, Teignbridge District Council (West of England)

Helen Rudd ACIPR, Project PR (East Anglia)

Jessica Terrell MCIPR, Central Office of Information (Greater London)

Anna Rogerson ACIPR, Firefly Communications (Scotland)

Kelly Edmonds, Willoughby PR (Midlands)

Craig Peters ACIPR, Osprey PR (Home Counties South)

Kerrie Crammond, Rowntree Gordo (North East)

Sara Young MCIPR, Children’s Commissioner for Wales (Wales)

Angela Hunter ACIPR (Northern Ireland)

Heather Price-Longden, Staniforth (North West)

Representatives from Wessex and from Thames & Chiltern TBA

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