Boxing clever with 10 Yetis PR tips

Gloucester based PR consultancy 10 Yetis are back with another tip for PR students undertaking the daunting task of ringing journalists.  

The media relations tip is delivered in their own unique way by Gabrielle “Rocky” Lofthouse, who believes persistence with journalists is the key to being a PR champ. 

If you have not subscribed to the 10 Yetis YouTube channel then there has never been a better time.  Simply subscribe and you will be entered into a draw to win Guy Clapperton’s new book “This is Social Media”.


  1. It’s good fun – but risks taking the idea of ‘pushy PRs’ a step too far.

    What must it feel like to be an embattled journalist, knowing you’re viewed as a punchbag by people in PR?

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