#bestPRblogs: the winner

We have featured 64 blog posts by PR students and then produced a shortlist of ten. Now Francis Ingham, director general of the PRCA, announces the winner:

Photo: Natasha Rogerson (click to enlarge)

Photo: Natasha Rogerson (click to enlarge)

“Reading through the ten shortlisted blogs, I was left with one clear impression.

“That our industry is in good hands.

“The content here was compelling, original, and well-written. Crucially, the authors showed a willingness to think for themselves – a trait that will stand them in good stead in the future.

“My runner up is Zsuzsanna Matyak. PR very often is all about ‘what’s the story?’  Bear that in mind and you’ll go far. And the ‘very strict and very bald’ comment certainly made me laugh. I can imagine a couple of senior people in our industry who fit that deception entirely!

“The winner though is Jess Ramsey. She completely gets it: perhaps the biggest challenge our industry faces is to explain what it actually does. We’re not Max Clifford; and we are not spin doctors. But the vague answer ‘we are about reputation’ is, indeed inadequate. So well done Jess – perhaps you can help us define ourselves.”

Pic of the year:

By Natasha Rogerson (via her blog)

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