Article10 Presentations apologise over leaked Prince Harry speech

Marketing bosses have apologised to British royal Prince Harry after a draft copy of his speech for his brother Prince William’s upcoming wedding leaked online.

Royal watchers were sent into a spin this week when a file purporting to contain a copy of the prince’s best man speech and an associated presentation were posted on a website.

It has since emerged the information had been leaked by a student on work placement at marketing company Article 10 Presentations, and bosses have now spoken out to apologise to the prince.

In a statement, a spokesman for Article 10 says, “On Tuesday 19th April, Article10 Presentations became aware of a leak of confidential and sensitive information relating to a project undertaken for Prince Harry which, regrettably, has since attracted significant attention online.

“Article10 Presentations would like to sincerely apologise to Prince Harry and the royal family and is working with the authorities to remove (the) website and associated content from Article10 Presentations takes breaches of customer information very seriously and has since dismissed the placement student responsible for the leak and is considering further disciplinary action.

“Prince Harry’s best man speech and supporting presentation was hosted on a confidential page of the Article10 Presentations website. This was shared with a third party who posted the link on their Twitter feed. Article10 management has apologised personally to Prince Harry and will be launching a full investigation in to the matter, implementing tighter security measures as a result of this incident.”

The apology appeared today on theĀ Article10 Presentations website.


  1. Miguel Albano says:

    Why on earth haven’t they taken the video out of their own website? I’m guessing this is true spin to get coverage.

  2. Good point. I’m sure the tabloids are loving this.

    But I can’t help but be disppointed that it was leaked by a student on a work placement. There are so many great young PR people who take discretion and professionalism seriously. I hope that Article 10 will contine offering work placements and perhaps revise the qualities they look for when hiring.

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