Are you a #socialstudent?

The Behind the Spin #socialstudent ranking is set to return: it will run from the start of November until the end of March 2013.

During October we’ll be updating our Klout list of UK PR students (the PeerIndex list will follow after an update to the group feature). We’re currently adding students with a Klout score of 30 and above.

The competition is to find the UK’s PR student with the greatest online social capital, as judged by Klout and PeerIndex. All those on full time public relations courses (including sandwich year placement students) are eligible to join our competition. This applies to BA and MA students, and we have the final say as to who counts as a PR student (someone on a Corporate Communication course does; someone on an Advertising and Marketing Management course doesn’t).

So please introduce yourself if you’d like to be included in this year’s competition and we’ll add you to the groups. Each week we’ll publish a league table of the leading students drawn from the Klout and PeerIndex groups. (For inspiration, here’s last year’s final ranking.)

Good luck!



  1. One of the fun things about this ranking is that PR students can outperform their lecturers – and many practitioners too.

    To give you a target, I (@behindthespin) currently have a Klout score of 55 and a PeerIndex score of 56.

    There are already three students on our Klout list with a higher score than mine…

    Good luck!


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