60 Ideas in 60 Minutes

CIPR lecture panel60 Ideas in 60 Minutes was the most anticipated guest lecture to be given at Leeds Metropolitan University this year, as part of the CIPR guest lecture series.

A six-member panel made up the lecture, each contributing ten pieces of advice that have helped them in their careers.

Led by CIPR Regional Deputy Chair, Carol Arthur, the panel consisted of people from varied sectors and professions related to the industry, from a photographer to academic to freelance and in-house practitioner.

The advice that followed was as varied as the speakers, as ideas ranged from the sensible ‘always go the extra yard’ from Andrew Green, to the unexpected and entertaining, ‘nothing works like the truth’, supported by several members of the panel.

The ‘60’ themed lecture coincided with the CIPR anniversary of the same number, as well as speaker, Nigel Keenlyside’s recent 60th birthday.

The evening brought up some well thought out advice, and covered the importance of listening to details carefully, as Matt Thompson discovered the hard way after interpreting ‘top tips’ wrongly to produce a power point featuring images of his favourite cleavages.

The evening was rounded up by questions posed from students on the future of PR and whether it should be restricted to accredited practitioners in the future, a question that got both audience and panel thinking, with varied responses.

The CIPR runs a full lecture series at Leeds Metropolitan University during the academic year’s first semester, which this year has included practitioners from the NHS and Yorkshire consultancy, Quest PR.

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