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A brisk Bristol sunset last week #nofilter #bristol

PR students are making it harder and harder for me to pick a shortlist – and I’m delighted. It shows this contest is producing a growing number of quality posts.

I’ve had to be especially harsh on Sunderland and UWE Bristol students this week because of the quantity of eligible submissions from these institutions. I’m keen to keep the contest national and open to all.

What do these nine posts from students at seven different universities have in common? It’s the freshness (of the idea or of the writing) that I’m looking for. Fresh – not formulaic – posts are what’s needed.

This contest will run to Easter, at which point we’ll be shortlisting the leaders before Heather Yaxley will choose the 2017 #bestPRblogs winner at the end of May.

Pick of the week

  • Orlagh Shanks (Liverpool John Moores, 2): Do I really need a degree in PR? (9 February)
    ‘My degree has opened me to so many opportunities, so many internship experiences’
  • Lucy Hayball (Bournemouth, 2): Fake news and the social media trap (9 February)
    ‘And what even is fake news? It has become a term that covers any content ranging from made up content to propaganda.’
  • Adam Eley (Sunderland, PG): listicles: why the odds may always be in your favour (8 February)
    ‘List-based posts with an odd number of items, fare better than those with an even amount. But why?’
  • Robert Leyland (UWE Bristol, 2): How to engage millennials: no ball pit required (8 February)
    ‘As someone smack-bang in the middle of the millennial age bracket, all of this seems a tiny bit silly.’
  • Alicia Squadrone (UWE Bristol): Purplefish PR Bristol (7 February)
    ‘We discussed how social media and the digital landscape has affected journalists in a negative way.’
  • Sarah Riley (Sunderland, PG): 67 must-follow Twitter accounts for PR pros and newbies (6 February)
    ‘In this crowdsourced research I’ve named 67 must-follow Twitter accounts for PR students’
  • Catriona McAllister (Greenwich, 1): Singapore: the inspiration nation (6 February)
    ‘Since being granted its independence, [Singapore] has become a beacon of hope for peace and acceptance’
  • Connor Peters (Bournemouth, 4) via Marcel Klebba (Westminster, 3): Finding the right place(ment) (6 February)
    ‘A sandwich year really gives you the chance to fully understand a business, clients and the industry’
  • Sarah Penny (Southampton Solent, 3): Meet the Professionals 2017 (5 February)
    ‘The first event I have ever organised has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve taken on this year.’


Pic of the week

Liam Bettinson (UWE Bristol): @liambettinson_ on Instagram

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About #bestPRblogs

Each Friday, our editor picks his highlights from blog posts published by any UK-based public relations student.

What’s he looking for?

  • Insightful comments on public relations from a student’s perspective
  • Well written blog posts by a PR student on any topic (food, travel, fashion, sport, politics etc)
  • Good visual communicators (we also choose a picture shared on Instagram or Twitter by a PR student)

To be included, you need to be a UK-based student of public relations or communications (single or joint honours, BA or MA), writing predominantly in English. We also need to be aware of your blog, so I watch these hashtags on Twitter: #prstudent and #bestPRblogs and welcome @ mentions if you want to bring your post to my attention.

Tip: Please make it easy to find your other social media accounts (eg LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) from your blog. And please edit your About page to suggest you’re a real person.

You can see which PR student blogs I’m following on this list – and help me subscribe to more.

Note on privacy: the default setting on social media is public, but everyone is entitled to some privacy. Think carefully about what you should make public at this stage of your development. This is a voluntary competition; it’s not graded and doesn’t count towards your degree, but it will teach you a lot about public relations.

Students sometimes question why I’ve not included their latest post in my roundup – and it’s often to protect you. We can all excuse the occasional typo, but poor writing is not the way to make friends and influence people in this industry. How can you improve your writing? Read more widely; try and try again.

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