Twitter virgin mounts Facebook fightback

This is an article by Ines Alcobia.
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I have searched for PR pages all over our beloved Facebook and have been quite impressed at how united PR students are in groups that belong to their individual universities. But what do you say in these groups that you cannot say to each other in your seminars?

One impressive forum for PR students is PROpenMic which has its own community site, Facebook and Twitter account. Looking at its Facebook page however, the ‘wall’ is covered in news feeds mainly from America and has turned into a one-way communication system where no discussions are taking place.

Calling PR Students From All Over’ is the Facebook group that sets out to fuse together the many wonderful characters found amongst modern day Communication students. Bring a little bit of expertise to the group, showcase your own blogs, ask us to fill out your dissertation surveys, share your internship experience or your worries. If you want to campaign for something close to your heart and want some support for a charity race, then we are your online community. You don’t have to be a great talker, as long as you’re a good typer so sign up now!

It’s the third year of my Public Relations and Communication course at Southampton Solent university and my brain is heading towards a social networking meltdown – so much to keep up with, so many people to follow! Worse for me and students alike is that I have seven months until the end of my course and I’m afraid that employers are looking for social network maniacs. I must keep up with the trend if I don’t want to struggle behind.

Help, I’m a twitter virgin and have only just started blogging! Are my opinions valuable, or laughable? Do my tweets stand out or make you cringe out loud?

Ines Alcobia

I have told myself to relax and stop trying so hard, as I understand many PR consultants have only found out about the power of online influence in the past three years, with many having the pressure of learning its wonders on the side of their every day job.

We students on the other hand have been given the time to share our opinions with an online community during our free time.

I have come to the conclusion that as much as you think there are a few (or many) smarter people than you in your class, PR is not always about being clever; it’s about effectively communicating your common sense.

So put aside your nerves and let’s help each other get through our course with no mental distress – just a few aching fingers. Join the discussions on Facebook.

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