The role of the student reps

This is an article by Alex Dobocan.
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Take twenty proactive young characters and get them together in a meeting room at the CIPR headquarters in Russell Square. To spice things a bit, add a leader, several inspirational sparks and let them talk, laugh and network for hours – the results can be spectacular.

That is how I would describe last month’s briefing day for student representatives.

Student rep: Alex Dobocan

Taking part in this, I had the honour of meeting not only gifted professionals but also enthusiastic, imaginative and dedicated students who will make a difference in the PR industry. Anyone who is interested enough to run for the position of student representative, who writes and implements projects, events and  sets up meetings,  is thought to be one step ahead of her colleagues.

The CIPR has developed a very good relationship with students and academic institutions. It is the only chartered body to actively involve students as a part of their agenda; student reps not only get free membership, but also a chair on the committee of their regional CIPR group.

Also, what would be the value of the role if there was not some competitiveness involved? Reps from different universities are now competing for the CIPR  student rep of the year award. With this sort of push, any young aspirant could make it to the top in just a few years.

It’s a win-win situation – the CIPR supports and encourages us, and we promote membership within our own institutions.

To come back to the meeting, things ran smoothly. Malcolm White guided us through the day and introduced some colleagues and committee members: Jessica Molloy, Julio Romo, Andrea Moseley, Elspeth Graham; David Clare and Oana Jinga from this magazine and Tara Cronin, last year’s winning student rep who won an internship at Bio Med Central.

We have all taken the first step and are now looking forward to collaborating with the CIPR and implementing successful recruitment campaigns in our universities.


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