Can Samsung recover its reputation?

This is an article by Lauren Kelly.
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Lauren Kelly

Last year Samsung’s Note 7 set the world alight – literally.

The device was filmed by customers on fire, exploding and overheating.

This led to the phones being banned from many airlines, an outcry from consumers and two recalls from Samsung costing the mobile phone giant $5 billion.

The tech giant spared no cost in acting quickly and efficiently. The recalls happened quickly after the problems surfaced.

The company then conducted extensive research and published their findings, promising customers it would never happen again.

Six months on and our TV screens are full of Samsung adverts promoting the eagerly anticipated S8 – the latest offering in the smartphone market.

The Galaxy S8 advert features the phone being dropped from height, being submerged under water and having its splash resistance tested.

Viewers also witness the device in extreme temperatures. We then see the phone’s bendability being tested, a firm reminder of the problems competitor Apple faced when iPhones bent out of shape and had to be replaced.

So have Samsung learnt from previous mistakes?

It seems the S7 was rushed out and quality tests surpassed in an attempt to beat Apple to be the first to release the new generation smartphone.

However, the S8 seems to have endured more substantial testing – at least if the TV advert is anything to go by.

The Galaxy S8 is due to be revealed on 29 March, months before the iPhone 8 is due to be released.

Samsung has beaten its rival with this year’s reveal, momentum building and release date. But will Samsung beat Apple with technology, public perception and sales?

The ad closes with the lines ‘ Innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority.’

So far, it is unclear what Samsung’s legacy will be: innovation, faulty phones or a good PR plan?

Lauren Kelly is a second year student studying Public Relations at Edge Hill University

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