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This is an article by Melissa Bean.
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Melissa and friends

As a 22-year-old first year student, I have had more life experience than some others here.

My first few weeks at university were a whirlwind to say the least. After a few months I truly am settled and happier than I’ve been in a long time.

I had a rocky start though so I thought I’d explore how others have found their time settling into university life.

Nicola is an 18 year old studying English  Like me she moved into halls. I asked her about her first week at Freshers’.

“I didn’t go out at all. The friends I made weren’t the going out type, so I stayed in and played games like cards. A bit sad really but that was what it was”.

This was like me. But now Nicola and I have both moved to the same halls, it’s a whole new story. When I asked Nicola how her social life is now she told me, “I actually have one now, there’s usually other people that want to go out and sometimes we even go out as a whole hall. Other nights we stay in and hang out in the corridor or one another’s room and order food or get some snacks.”

Emma, an 18 year old Social Work student, settled in much quicker but unfortunately fell ill. “I was on strong medication so I couldn’t go out” however her halls made sure she never missed out on much by still doing things as a group in the evenings. This included watching a movie on campus and going roller-skating. As Emma was involved with such a strong group from the beginning, being on strong medication didn’t stop her from enjoying her first few weeks at university.

Josh is a 19 year old studying law. Like Emma, Josh was in the halls from the beginning so felt settled rather quickly.

Josh went out most nights but only attended one official event. “I only went to one freshers’ event. I spent my time elsewhere doing other things.” Now everyone is more established and comfortable with one another, Josh is out most nights and if he’s not out, he’s hanging in the corridor or in someone’s room. He is still with his original group and there is always something to do.

But what happens when you’re not a first year? My final student is Jamie, a 22 year old fourth year Computing student.

Jamie didn’t think he would click very well with the first years in his halls, but when he met everyone he found this was not the case. ‘I didn’t intend to interact much with the first years; however, I quickly grew fond of them and realised the atmosphere was fun and the experience began to be very enjoyable.” Jamie added that it reminds him of his time as a first year.

Everyone has had a different experience and start to the year but we are all now one big, slightly dysfunctional, family and  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All of us agreed that university is the best thing you can experience and if you are wanting to go yourself just do it. You won’t regret it and you’ll make friends for life.

Melissa Bean is a first year studying PR at Edge Hill University.

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