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Final socialstudent tableAs we near the end of the academic year, it’s time to thank our volunteer editorial team and our many contributors.

We have published 95 articles during the academic year to date, and here’s the editor’s pick of the best of our content:

  1. Socialstudent: The competition ran for 20 weeks, and for most of these it was a close contest between Charlotte Farringdon and Kenny Murray. In the event, Daniel Fanshawe emerged as the winner in the final weeks.
  2. PR students often make news – but rarely report it. Jazz Chappell became a global news source when she attended a Justin Bieber concert in London
  3. Max Clifford is rarely out of the news: Bethany Simpson reported on a guest lecture he gave in Leeds.
  4. We profiled several prominent industry figures this year: here’s Alexi Gunner‘s profile of Frank PR’s Graham Goodkind
  5. Career’s advice: Hotwire’s group HR director gave her top 10 tips to get a job in PR
  6. Bart Misiak reviewed the most successful PR textbook in history
  7. Ilyana Stareva visualised her PR dissertation research
  8. Elena Dransfield turned her personal loss into a fundraising success
  9. This has been a big year for LinkedIn: Jessica North asks if the professional social network is important to students too
  10. We supported the inaugural Amilla student pitch competition. Congratulations to the finalists and to the winners – Willoonello from Bournemouth University

The editorial team will be taking a break now and we’ll be reviewing the future of this publication in the coming weeks.

Richard Bailey FCIPR (
May 2013

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