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We are currently publishing articles on fashion and entertainment PR.

You can read about working in fashion PR in articles written by Rosey Stones, Charlotte Giver and Yasmin Lawton. Elli Share reveals her dream job.

Alex King questions the ethics of celebrities endorsing products on Twitter and social media; Ben Frith comments on a broadcasting storm-in-a-teacup; Charlotte Giver challenges the TV-created image of women in PR and thinks we should stop watching reality shows.

Rebecca Hardisty discusses her passion for online fashion and Claire Wright explains the appeal of the ‘IT’ bag.

Stephanie Ayre has some advice for all those who want to work in fashion PR.

PR, social media and #socialstudent

Our previous theme, edited by David Clare, was public relations and social media.

In this issue, Daryl Willcox argues that the shift from traditional PR to new forms of practice is leading to a two-speed industryBen Matthews tells us how to pitch to bloggers; Jessica Johnson looks at celebrities using twitter; and Claire Dunford asks if social media is making us anti-social.

We started the #socialstudent ranking in early November and are publishing a weekly league table of the top PR students as judged by their Klout and PeerIndex scores.

Next theme: public affairs and political communication

Our main theme for spring 2012 is ‘the changing face of public affairs and political communications’, guest edited by public relations lecturers Sarah Roberts-Bowman and Paul Simpson. The timing could not be better

Forward features and vacancies

Editorial team meeting, May 2011

As well as noting our forward features listed here, we always welcome ideas for articles of interest to our readers.

(Please note that we’re interested in original content – don’t publish an article on your blog and then offer the same piece for publication here.)

We’re always looking for more writers and for volunteers to join our editorial team.

Richard Bailey, December 2011

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