University of Stirling – MSc. Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management

This is an article by Annie Keegan.
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CIPR Approved: Yes

Offers placement: No placement is formally organised by the University, however, it is encouraged you secure one during your eight week Christmas break.

Overall: 3.5 – Although the Uni is great, its location nestled north of Glasgow means that work experience for students is non-existent unless one is willing to travel to Edinburgh or Glasgow. The course itself needs to be revitilised, additions such as PR and social media would modernise the course, and a more hands-on, discussion-off teaching would benefit the students.

Teaching/Lecturers: 3.5 – The quality of the teaching varies and depends greatly on the lecturer. Jacquie L’Etang is widely known in PR academia, and being taught by her is an experience. The focus of the course is very theoretical, with little teaching offering examples or case study reviews. Much class time is spent in group discussions. I think students would benefit from more lectures/teaching and less class discussion. The onus is on you as a student to teach yourself too much in my opinion.

Support available: 4- There is no tutor system in place until second semester which is a shame, however, the lecturers are always willing to meet you and discuss any issues you may have.

Extra Opportunities available: 3 – The short teaching semester of the course results in little extra opportunities. Although some guest lecturers were arranged these were few and far between. One worthwhile opportunity was networking with the online students taking the course most of whom are working professionals with many useful connections.

Accommodation:  4 – There is a great selection of on and off campus accommodation. The halls are excellently situated but small. For postgraduate students, off campus accommodation is more suitable, as it is closer to town, more spacious and reasonably priced.

Facilities (including library): 3.5 – Stirling Uni, is the sporting institute of Scotland, so as you can imagine the sports facilities are top class offering great gym membership rates and classes. There is great transport links to and from the Uni. and the campus itself is filled with an array of great facilities including many eateries and a competitively priced cinema. The library is lacking in computer labs and study rooms. Although well designed, it lacks space and the database is difficult to navigate. It does, however, have lots of staff offering guidance.

Nightlife: 4 – Although it only has 3 nightclubs, Stirling still boasts a fantastic nightlife!

Socials/Societies: 5– The union organises socials on a daily basis, literally. Massive arrays of societies exist varying from debate to twister, catering for all types of students.

Students Union: 4 – The door to the union is always open, signifying how willing to serve and  help all students the union truly is.

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