Newcastle University – Master of Art in Media and Public Relations

This is an article by Whitney Punchak.
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Reviewed by Whitney Punchak:

CIPR Approved: No

Offers placement year: No, placement opportunities are suggested and encouraged, but not formally offered

Overall: 4

Teaching/Lecturers: 3 – There’s a good mix of professors from an academic/research or professional background.

Support available: 5 – The career service is particularly helpful.

Extra Opportunities available: 4 – There are lots of opportunities, the master classes are interesting and well worth getting involved in.

Accommodation: 4 – If you’re doing a post grad, definitely apply for post grad housing.

Facilities (including library): 4

Nightlife: 3 – But I’m probably not the best judge.

Socials/Societies: 5 – They have a great selection, the clubs are well organised and are full of really friendly people.

Students Union: 4
The MA programme is very international with students coming to study from around the world. Because it’s an MA programme, learning is supported, but not enforced. There are lots of opportunities, but it’s really up to you to make the most of your studies.

Living in Newcastle is also a lot of fun! It’s an affordable place to live, has a vibrant art scene and exceptionally friendly (if slightly difficult to understand) Geordies.


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