Leeds Metropolitan University – BA (Hons) Public Relations

This is an article by Claire Thomas.
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Reviewed by Melanie Rawlings:

CIPR Approved: Yes

Offers placement year: Yes

Overall: 4

Teaching/Lecturers: 3.5 – The quality of the teaching varies and depends greatly on the lecturer. I have experienced modules where I have received poor results due to the lack of guidance and clarity of what was expected from tutors. However, I have exceeded in some aspects of my course due to a good relationship with and teaching from my tutor. I think the university needs to fully assess the presentation ability for lecturers when considering employment, as I have found it very difficult to absorb information from lecturers with poor presentation skills.

Support available: 4

Extra Opportunities available : 5 – The placements scheme on my course has enabled me to develop significantly throughout the four years I have spent here and I don’t think I would have made such notable progress without it.  I have attended an impressive series of guest lectures in each year of my study and been given some valuable networking opportunities.

Accommodation:  5 – I lived in Kirkstall Brewery in the first year of my course it was possibly one of the best experiences during my time at university.

Facilities (including library): 4 – The library has always provided me with everything I have required to meet the needs of my course. The canteen facilities are good, however, I would have loved to see better gym facilities available to students.

Nightlife: 5 – Leeds has an amazing nightlife!

Socials/Societies: 4

Students Union: 3 – The Students Union could improve by providing more events which cater for a variety of tastes and generally having more of a presence in the university.

Reviewed by Chloe Berry:

CIPR Approved: Yes

Offers placement year: Yes

Overall: 4

Teaching/Lecturers: 4 – The PR, Journalism/Media & Marketing tutors/lecturers are great and I wish to say the same on the some business tutors/lecturers; the teaching qualities are varied and erratic which I think can drive students’ motivation down.  Please note, this problem is not applicable to the PR course, it is depending on to the each staff’s teaching styles/techniques.

Support available: 4
– Personally, I received lots of supports and guidance from the PR & Journalism/Media tutors and lecturers whenever I needed them.  But not for the business subject that I had for last semester, I’ve not received reply on few occasions, I do appreciate that they may have lots more students that are in PR.

Extra Opportunities available : 5 – University offers lots and lots of volunteering opportunities, and then is totally up to the student’s proactiveness to be involved.  As for PR course, again there are lots of guest speakers and they have been fantastic.  I’ve managed to land myself a work experience opportunity through a CIPR Young Practitioners Networking Event, so 5 star to that.

Accommodation: Not applicable – I’m a mature student and I’ve chosen to rent privately.

Facilities (including library): 5 – I’ve never seen so many PCs in one building.  The Library has been accommodating by providing as much PC and laptops as possible to student although still a lot of students experienced ‘no PC available’ problem during assignments hand-in period.  One cash machine in each City Campus building so can’t complain about that!  Xstream hasn’t been the most user friendly portal but is something that you cannot not to have during your time in university.  Food court prices are way out of student’s budget, I often found myself can’t afford to buy food from the Food Court, however, to all coffee lovers out there, there is a Starbucks and is cheaper that other franchise outside of campus.

Not applicable – I’m not a ‘going out’ person (sounds bored but I’m not), so can’t really comment on this but from what I heard from my classmates, yes Leeds has fantastic nightlife.

Socials/Societies: 2 – As a City Campus student, I don’t particularly feel that I’ve been exposing to the clubs and societies opportunities.  The only time I saw them recruiting was at the Fresher Fair, even so the existing members were ‘indulging’ themselves with each other’s company and had totally forgot that they were there to recruit.

Students Union: 3
– Apart from the Tuition Fee rally and the SU Election, I don’t seem to see them doing anything else.  I suppose since I do not ‘go out’, so I’ve never really pay attention to what event nights out are there that are being organised by SU.

Overall, I’m enjoying myself at Leeds Met and the PR course.  It’s up to the individual’s initiative to seek for help and resources.  I have another 3 years to go and I’m planning to get a lot out of the Leeds Met – to get my money worth!

Reviewed by Claire Thomas:

CIPR Approved: Yes

Offers placement year: Yes

Overall:  5 Modern university with excellent facilities and resources. Fun, student atmosphere.

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