The week’s best to 2 December

This week in #bestPRblogs we have a balance between undergraduate and postgraduate students, men and women. But it’s an imbalanced list because all three PG contributions are from the same university, Sunderland.

Pitch of the year

There’s only one thing worse than a PR pitch, Richard Bailey writes, and that’s ‘outreach’ from an SEO consultant. But it’s also too easy for editors and journalists to carp on about examples of bad PR. Instead, let me praise an example of how to do it well.

The week’s best to 25 November

One newcomer joins some familiar faces in our #bestPRblogs selection this week, and we’ve achieved that rare thing – a gender balance between men and women.

The week’s best to 18 November

Two themes dominate our #bestPRblogs selection this week: networking and work experience. Some very strong contenders have missed out but I hope the merits of those chosen will be evident: they are either strong examples of content or of copywriting (and ideally both).

Now you can #ownthemedia

Launching next month, the Media Fund is an online crowdfunding platform that collects monthly donations and distributes that funding to alternative, independent and grassroots media. Throughout November, volunteers are running a £10,000 fundraising campaign to cover the costs of startup and development.