The week’s best to 21 October

This week’s selection has been the hardest yet – and some interesting posts have not made the cut. There are few spaces available as long as the four frontrunners who have appeared for each of the past three weeks keep on producing high quality posts.

Public relations academic conferences in 2017

This list of forthcoming European academic conferences in the field of public relations with deadlines for submitting proposals may interest researchers, educators and advanced students.

The week’s best to 14 October

In this week’s #bestPRblogs pick, we highlight six PR blog posts from students at six different universities. Four are reappearing for the second week running while we welcome two newcomers to this year’s contest. It’s warming up!

PR Open Day at PHA Media

PHA Media is hosting a PR Open Day on Thursday 20 October when the PR agency will be welcoming enthusiastic individuals to its London offices to gain a unique insight into public relations.

The week’s best to 7 October

Each Friday, we publish our pick of the week’s best blog posts by UK-based public relations students. To kick off our 2017 #bestPRblogs contest, here are five posts from students at five different universities.