How to ace your PR degree (part two)

In the second part in the series, Polly Foster explains how questions lie at the heart of an academic approach. You should question the research, question the theories and even question yourself.

How to ace your PR degree (part one)

It can be hard to study, especially when you’re working full time. Polly Foster explains how to aim high and achieve top grades in a postgraduate qualification.

Rhetorical revolution: from Cicero to Trump

Final year student Jack Milford places Donald Trump’s controversial style of political communication within a long rhetorical tradition dating back to Roman times. He summarises his final year dissertation on political communication.

How to use social channels for media attention

Once, PR and SEO were two separate worlds. Now, PR practitioners are embracing digital and digital marketers are learning lessons in relationship management. Sophie Chadwick explains how you can use your social media presence to attract the attention of journalists.

Why mental health needs PR treatment

At the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, OCD-diagnosed public relations practitioner and founder of the Quiet Club community Claudia Barnett discusses how mental health needs the PR treatment.