It’s time to ditch the term ‘PR’

‘PR used to distinguish ‘us’ from other forms of communications such as sales, marketing or advertising. Now that boundaries have blurred, I’d say it’s probably time to ditch PR as a defining term’ argues corporate communicator Carole Scott.

Conversations across America

Travelling 2,500 miles across the United States of America by train, Robert Minton-Taylor had time to absorb the landscapes and enjoy some conversations. Next week’s US presidential election brings the subject of these conversations back into sharp focus.

Why bother with blogging?

2016 #bestPRblogs winner Arianne Williams discusses the whys and hows of student blogging as we introduce this year’s competition. We’ll be selecting the week’s best posts from UK-based PR students starting next Friday.

How the Paralympics won hearts and spread joy

Miriam Pelusi learns lessons from the Paralympics. Beyond sport, they were lessons for life, and a triumph of long-term public relations.

When PR met Communism

Is public relations a western import that only took hold in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as some have argued? Despite attempts to suppress public relations in the communist era, Balint Brunner finds evidence for PR’s surprisingly long evolution in Hungary.