What to wear: diary of an intern

This is an article by Jeannyfar Gelpcke.
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Jeannyfar: running late with cupcakes

8:00 am: Damn it! I didn’t hear my alarm ringing – or did he switch it off again? No time to think. Quick shower, no make-up and an apple on the  way out.

8:15am: Dilemma! I don‘t know what to wear! Lucky we don‘t have a formal dress code like at Emma’s office, but my favourite blouse is in the laundry and I have already worn that skirt twice in a row. Ok, ok the white dress and black over-knee boots it is.

8:36am: ARRGH! Missed my train. Hate taking the bus.

8:42am: Tweeting how stupid Birmingham buses are and blessing our flexitime office hours. Lucky me.

8:59am: Rushing to the office and trying not to sweat to much. Told Ceri (Managing Director) I‘ll be in from 9am today – bloody alarm. I‘ll stop and get some cupcakes for everyone. Who will then notice my late arrival. Smart me.

09:11am: Ceri has been here since 8am. Feeling guilty. I need a cupcake and tea. Getting tea – does anyone else want?

9:30am: Catching up with everyone. Tweeting from my intern Twitter that I‘m at work and bribing everyone with sweet handmade cupcakes. Fly over my emails, grab a croissant from our free breakfast buffet and get ready to go down to the “Zen Den“ for our morning team briefing.

9:45am: Ceri will be meeting three new potential clients today. One of them does not want social media coverage. Odd. Wow she has amazing tights on. Smexy! That’s smart and sexy. I‘ll start with my diet today. I am serious this time. Phil is so cute.

10:18am: Brief catch up with Ceri. She likes the press release I showed her yesterday. Her edited version is so much better. I feel stupid. Why am I not that good? Barns (CEO and Owner) is coming in from Dubai today. She wants to show him my work before sending it out. Nervous.

10:59am: I love being the only intern. Get all the credits for good work. Re-doing the PR schedule according to new PR release dates. Tori from Sales is giving me amazing ideas for my birthday party next week. I want to pitch her some of my PR ideas before going to Ceri.

11:18am: Just had a massive Google session. I had to put together the business and local journalist list for Brainy Marketing release. Ceri is on the phone all morning. Will just email her my findings.

12 noon: Why is Josie not on MSN? Maybe she is in a meeting. Hope she did not forget our lunch date. I‘ll pop down to her desk and see where she is. I have to tell her about last night. Kinky.

12:22pm: Email back from Ceri telling me to write a draft press release to promote our client’s charity climb and fundraising event. I don‘t know what to write. New clients. Huge project. I can‘t do it. Ok – I‘ll just try my best.

01:14pm: Waiting in ground floor launch to grab lunch with Josie. 30mins break are never enough. Damn it, I forgot to tweet.

Brainy Marketing in action

01:47pm: Receiving reminder email on office night out today. How could I forget? It’s every two months. Tonight it’s going to be Mexican. I love free food. Makes a little up for the unpaid internship.  A little.

2:34pm: Still collating details of local radio, print media and TV to promote other events planed. Barns is back. I can see Ceri in his office. She wants me to start blogging for the company.

4:19pm: Oli comes down to show me Basecamp (online project management software). I like how Ceri involves me in all projects. Taking journalist inquires on the phone was rough earlier. They are mean.

5:10pm: Everyone in the foyer excited about mexican night. Glad I chose this dress and wasn‘t dressed too casual.

6:03pm: No! Last one to arrive at the restaurant. Just could not find it. Blushing.

Jeannyfar's placement is with Brainy Marketing

6:20pm: So much food. My eyes are glowing. Asking Tori if it is really all for free. I am so broke. Barns thanking everyone for their hard work. He looks nothing like a Ferrari driver.

8:17pm: Everyone heading to ‘All Bar One‘ for drinks. Some suggest going to this new club.

9:57pm: Running to catch my train. Want to be at my desk before Ceri tomorrow.

What a lucky PR girl I am.


  1. Didn’t really understand the blog and what it was trying to do but think Jeannyfar should be much more confident in the work that she does. If you get edited versions back rather than be disappointed at your work, look at what has improved the press release so you can learn.

    Good luck on the rest of your internship. (I like the look of your dress by the way!).

  2. Jeannyfar Gelpcke says:

    Hi Faye,

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I absolute agree with me being more confident about my work.

    This blog should just give the reader an insight on a day and personal thoughts of a PR intern, rather than report on internships. I try to express things and ideas I would not usually say out loud and insecurities we all go through at some point.
    There is no specific approach to this reading, you may be an intern yourself and can relate to this, you may have not had a PR internship yet and might get an understanding of possible tasks waiting for you or you are just a dedicated Behind the Spin reader who is seeking for an humoristic approach to what PR life holds for us – its all up to the reader.
    And come on – we all have this voyeuristic tendencies and like reading about what happens behind close doors 🙂


  3. First of all, this piece is very funny. (In three years of editing this magazine, it’s only the second laugh-out-loud piece I’ve published – they’re very hard to write. Now there’s a challenge for others…).

    Second, it’s very honest. Educators and employers sometimes criticise students for being disorganised and inattentive. But this piece reminds us what it takes just to get from A to B on any given day, and about the internal monologue that can drown out the external world.

    My only concern as an editor was for the names of the firm and individuals mentioned: I checked, and one name has been changed.


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