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Lord Protector of Happiness

Employer: The Student Happiness Movement
Job Posted: 23rd June 2011
Location: UK wide
Hours: Flexible


With increased student debt, record high youth unemployment and general down in the dumpness, there has never been a worse time to be a student. To reverse this, The Student Happiness Movement is looking to appoint a number of Lord Protectors of Happiness to make university and college campuses happier and more productive places to be, so that students can flourish.

The lucky candidates who are appointed Lord Protectors will have the chance to compete with other universities and colleges in exciting Happiness Missions set by The Student Happiness Movement.  Those appointed Lord Protectors will become a key figure at their university our college and will work to make positive changes by running campaigns and holding events.

By actively working to make positive changes for your fellow students you will no doubt achieve a huge sense of fulfilment, however there will also be some fantastic prizes on offer for the Lord Protectors who complete the Happiness Missions. The job title is also something that will really stand out on your CV and will give you an interesting talking point at future job interviews.


The most important aspect of the campaign is that no experience is required, all you need is a motivated attitude to create changes within your university or college. You will be given support by The Student Happiness Movement as to how to go about the following points:

  • Organise events at your university and college that will promote happiness and help students to flourish academically and socially.
  • Run campaigns and start groups that solve problems in universities and campuses.
  • Help students to adapt to student life and the pressures of living away from home.
  • Work with already established groups and organisations to promote the happiness message.
  • Link with local businesses to run initiative that help students prosper by securing work

The Successful Candidate should:

  • Be a full or part-time student studying in the United Kingdom
  • Be motivated to make a positive impact on your university or college campus
  • Be creative, hard working and have the desire to be hold a position of authority amongst your peers.
  • Be well networked amongst your peers and be able to start campaigns than can make a difference to your fellow students.

These positions are highly sought after so please apply as soon as you can. The application deadline is 31st of July.

How to apply


To apply simply on Twitter just tweet why you think should become a Lord Protector of Happiness at your college or university to @LordProtector2.



To apply on Facebook just add a comment on our wall and tell us why you think you should become Lord Protector of Happiness at your university or college in no more than 140 characters.



If you are amongst the 3% of 16-25 year olds that is not on either Twitter or Facebook just email becomelordprotector@gmail.com and tell us why you think you should become Lord Protector of Happiness at your university or college in no more than 140 characters.


  1. Hi – this sounds like an interesting idea – is it serious and, if so, can we help? We have tends of thousands of members/followers who care about happiness and also lots of tools & ideas that people can use to spread and promote happiness: join us at http://www.actionforhappiness.org to find out more. You can also find us at facebook.com/actionforhappiness or @actionhappiness. Good luck!

  2. Yes this is a serious campaign that we are running on behalf of The Student Hapiness Movement. We would love to talk to you about how you could potentially support us and spread our message so that we can find our Lords Protectors of Hapiness in preparation for the launch of our national hapiness game in September. Do you have a direct contact number I can get you on?

  3. Hi Adam – probably best that you have a quick chat with our Director – if you email your contact details to info@actionforhappiness.org we can get him to call you.


  4. Great! I have emailed my details and am availble all afternoon.

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