‘Chicago School’ leads the world in PR careers advice

This is an article by Richard Bailey.
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There’s much valuable experience and free advice out there on blogs for those in the early stages of their PR careers. We strongly recommend these two, coincidentally both produced by Chicago-based PR consultants:

culpwritRon Culp: Culpwrit: guiding the career in public relations

Culp is a partner in the PR consultancy firm Ketchum, based in Chicago.

His blog is full of advice from himself and fellow PR practitioners aimed at graduates and job seekers.

Should you choose an in-house or an agency role? How to handle job interviews? Ron Culp’s blog is full of practical advice.

Allie Osmar: The Creative Career

creativecareerOsmar started her first job in PR in 2007 at Edelman Digital, also in Chicago.

In a notable recent post aimed at new graduates, Osmar revisited her commencement (ie graduation) speech from two years ago, and finds it still relevant.

We live in a connected world today, a world where 1/4 of people have searched on a person’s name prior to meeting them, a world where, if you’re not online, you practically don’t exist. People have always maintained their own personal brands to some extent, but today it goes well beyond a resume or list of experiences. We’re defined by our facebook profiles, our voicemail greetings, our eBay ratings, our personal websites, our online photo albums, and now more than ever, by what comes up when our names are entered in that Google search box. It sounds a bit scary, but it’s empowering at the same time.

In 10 lessons from the corporate world, Osmar lists things she’s since learnt that she wasn’t taught in college.


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