My #PRStack: A practical guide to PR tools and workflow


My #PRStack is the latest crowdsourced ebook inspired by the energetic Stephen Waddington. A team of 18 expert contributors have produced an 84 page free ebook explaining over 40 tools useful to the PR practitioner who puts professionalism above ‘bullshit and bollocks’. Review by Richard Bailey.

Harness your entrepreneurial skills with #SmartUpstart2015


The Smart Upstart Club is a new forum designed to give relevant, realistic and honest advice about what it takes to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. The first event takes place on Friday 5 June and will see 12 successful business-owners presenting brief TED-style two-minute slots followed by conversations in the crowd. The event is perfect for anyone who is thinking about starting up their own business or harnessing their intrapreneurial skill set.

Your chance of a Splendid future in PR

Bethany Brandon-Blatch

Times are tough for students starting out in their chosen career. Entry-level positions are rare, and graduate schemes are increasingly competitive which leaves people facing the prospect of interning without the guarantee of a permanent position – and even these opportunities can be hard to come by. Bethany Brandon-Blatch introduces the Splendid Comms paid graduate internship programme.

Grayling joins PR Internships for All scheme

Alison Clarke: '

Grayling is the latest public relations consultancy to sign up for the PRCA/PR Week PR Internships for All campaign. All participating consultancies are tasked with hiring a set number of paid interns from universities outside the Russell Group.

Integrity and trust (part three)

7 habits

Can someone be ethical, but not have integrity? Put it this way, sticking to a code of conduct is basically sticking to the rules. It doesn’t mean that just by sticking to ethical guidelines you are an honest and decent person. Integrity is a personal code of conduct that goes beyond ethics explains Robert Minton-Taylor. Integrity builds relationships, but the lack of it can destroy client relationships.