Apple beats a swift retreat

Tim Maltin

The attack on the world’s most profitable company by a 25 year-old pop star provides a case study in corporate communications on social media, argues Tim Maltin.

Why B2B isn’t boring

Caroline Aspinall

B2B (business to business) PR is often overlooked by graduates and newcomers in favour of its ‘sexier’ cousin B2C (business to consumer). But B2B has loads going for it and in this guide Caroline Aspinall attempts to put paid to the argument that B2B is boring.

Nudge, nudge: are you a creative problem-solver?


Warwick Business School is inviting teams of students from all over the world to take part in a two-day competition called a Nudgeathon to solve an intractable problem using behavioural insights – popularly known as ‘nudges’. Using theories from behavioural science, nudges have been used to solve a range of issues from persuading more people to pay their taxes on time to helping households have their lofts insulated.

Fake online reviews investigated

CMA report

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has opened an investigation into fake paid-for reviews online. In a report published today it estimates that more than half of UK adults (54%) use online reviews, and that 6% use blogs or vlogs before making purchases.

How to be a consultant

The Consultant's Handbook

Caroline Black has written a useful book for new entrants in to public relations, but for more sophisticated advice on how to be a consultant Richard Bailey turns to a new book by management consultant Samir Parikh.