Attila the human

Atilla the Stockbroker

Why should PR students read an autobiography of radical left wing performance poet and musician Attila the Stockbroker whose heyday was ten years before they were born? Liz Bridgen argues it’s for the lessons to be learned in media manipulation, propaganda and lobbying.

The week’s best to 27 November

'Heaven' @lottiewoolley on Instagram

I’m delighted once again to highlight our frontrunners Claudia Barnett, Hannah Lennox, Lauren Old, Natalia Szczepanek and Arianne Williams. But I’m disappointed that there’s so little space for others to break through and so few students and universities challenging these leaders.

How to get hired

Julia Meighan, CEO of VMA Group

Recruitment specialist Julia Meighan offers her advice on getting a foot onto the PR career ladder – and climbing it fast.

Lessons from the PR Specialists


Sheffield Hallam University principal lecturer Liz Bridgen summarises the lessons from the #SHUPRSpecialists event, which she describes as a rollercoaster ride through the worlds of PR.

How curiosity drives creativity

Kerensa Jennings

Former BBC executive Kerensa Jennings, the University of Huddersfield’s new Visiting Professor of Media, Strategy and Communications, has used her inaugural professorial lecture to discuss the creative process.