Consumer Communications Assistant – Domino’s Pizza

We learn of a vacancy for a Consumer Communication Assistant reporting to the Brand & Digital Communications Manager at Domino’s Pizza in Milton Keynes. The purpose of the role is to promote and protect the Domino’s consumer brand, providing support for the Brand and Digital Communications Manager.

Ten years and four editions for leading textbook

Two academics are celebrating ten years of their pioneering and market-leading public relations textbook, Exploring Public Relations: Global Strategic Communication, released as a new fourth edition.

How to ace your PR degree (part two)

In the second part in the series, Polly Foster explains how questions lie at the heart of an academic approach. You should question the research, question the theories and even question yourself.

Rebel seeks cause

Self-confessed rebel Les Latchman is the latest recipient of a Golin Unternship. The consultancy firm is funding his travels this summer in search of what makes for a happy society. The scheme exists to welcome wider talent from non-traditional backgrounds into the industry.

We name Britain’s best PR student blogger 2017 #OMG

Heather Yaxley has reviewed four impressive shortlisted PR student blogs – and has chosen her 2017 #bestPRblogs winner.