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The new site is now live at PRplace.com. Please take a look: we’re hoping you’ll join our community of PR students, educators, researchers and practitioners.

Thank you and goodbye

After almost ten years as editor Richard Bailey announces the closure of behindthespin.com and introduces a soon-to-launch site with a wider editorial scope.

PR lessons from the royal family

Grand and aloof, or up close and personal. The royal family has tried both approaches, but emotional engagement is the current, winning strategy as Miriam Pelusi discusses.

Cardiff is most affordable place to study

Cardiff is the most affordable place for students to study in the UK, closely followed by Aberdeen and Durham, according to the NatWest Student Living Index.

Female grads: are you worth it?

Over a third of female graduates expect a starting graduate salary of £20,000, which falls £10,000 short of the median UK graduate wage of £30,000 per year. Just 17 per cent of females would expect to earn between £25,000 – £35,000 in their first job, according to new research from Milkround.